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Where is your organization heading?

Where are you in your organization’s life cycle?

What impact does your organization want to make on the world?

What matters most to YOU?

At TPG Philanthropy Group, we want to know you and your organization deeply in order to help each decision you make be strategic, mission-driven, value-aligned, and forward-thinking – whether you are a charity, community organization, association, government-sector, faith-based, or other public benefit organization. 

Public benefit organizations are centered in a compelling mission or purpose. TPG Philanthropy Group works with your organization’s leaders to help translate and clarify your mission into productive practice.

Along with the day-to-day challenge of meeting financial and operation priorities, there is increasing pressure for non-profit organizations – charities, communities, associations and other public benefit organizations, including governments and faith-based groups – to show results. And results measured not only by a tally of the people served, but by how lives are changed.  

Trusted Experts, Flexible ResourcesTM

Years of in-the-trenches experience in both the corporate and the public benefit sectors allow us to bring high-level expertise from diverse industries and professions, on an as-needed basis, to bear on the issues you face, whether strategic or operational. 

We catalyze the outcomes that matter most to you; whether that means strategic planning, funding and resource development, vision, mission, and values articulation, management coaching, program implementation, board development, or any of the myriad of opportunities and challenges that come in every stage of the life cycle of a public benefit organization – from start up to growth, to established and mature, to expansion and rebirth.

To help you move toward your mission. To help you change the world.

TPG Philanthropy Group, Inc. serves not-for-profit, community, charitable, faith-based, public-benefit, and other social sector organizations in strategic planning, resource development, board development, performance improvement, fund-raising, philanthropic impact studies, marketing and communications and more.

You’re not alone.

TPG is known as a go-to company when you want a partner with deep and broad expertise and experience, who will  be there with you to leverage resources, implement plans, and achieve more money for the mission – and more mission for the money. 

What Matters Most Right Now?