Exit Planning

The way in which a leader leaves can make a big difference to company productivity, especially in the short term. What's best? Quick and quiet? A long good-bye? Your own circumstances are unique, and we can help you determine strategies for keeping things on an even keel.

Succession & Continuity Planning

When the leader leaves - or is preparing to leave, what's next for the company? TPG can help leaders and companies sort through the issues, create an appropriate plan, define (or re-define) the company's core purpose and function, and align old and new leaders around what matters most.

Alignment with Organizational Mission-Vision-Values

Your Company’s potential is limitless when your whole team is “singing from the same song sheet.”  When that’s happening, the evidence is there in productivity and results. We’ve worked with countless companies to clarify, strengthen, and align their people, around What Matters Most for each entity.

Succession Planning

What’s next for your company? It could be 2 years down the road, or 10, or 20. When a leadership change does happen, a little advance planning makes a big difference. TPG can help you sort through the issues and map out strategies to keep things on an even keel – so the company and its people can transition positively and productively when the time comes.