Mission. Vision. Values. Strategic Plan. When these elements are strong, aligned, and embraced organization-wide, you’ve got the ability to change the world. The success of every other thing you do comes from these – from how staff are hired to how programs are accomplished to how funding is attained.

TPG Philanthropy Group’s experience and resources in this area are deep and broad. From visioning and future casting to strategic planning and creative solutioning, we partner with executive directors, Board leaders, coalition builders, community leaders, and other stakeholders to strategize and identify options, alternatives and – sometimes – surprising opportunities.

We don’t come to you first with answers –we come with questions. Then we work closely with you to determine the right method and approach, because no single planning method fits all. At every stage, we’ll be asking key questions, challenging long-held assumptions, and beaming in on what matters most to you, to develop the roadmap that can help your organization Transform, Perform, and Grow.

TPG helps you clarify your organization’s focus, find its voice, and map its future -- bringing Trusted Experts and Flexible Resources to enhance your: 

  • Visioning and Future Casting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Alliance and Coalition/Partnership Building
  • Program Planning
  • Social Entrepreneur Initiatives and Strategies
  • ...and more