Transform. Perform. Grow.®

What does your business need to know, to drive results?

Do you have a clear sense of which data is most meaningful, and where it's pointing you?

Does your market knowledge translate into strategic business decisions that edge out your competition?

What matters most to YOU?

There's plenty of data available, but which data is truly meaningful for you and your business? It's important to see what has occurred (or is occurring), but isn't it the whythat's even more important - along with the therefore we'll do XXX?

Trusted Experts, Flexible ResourcesTM

TPG helps to assure that the strategies you adopt and solutions you navigate are based on meaningful data and incisive analysis. TPG brings a broad but sharply honed perspective to the challenges faced by your business.


TPG Market Intelligence & Business Analytics, Inc. integrates investigative insights, R&D, business analytics, divergent thinking, innovative solutioning, expertise from diverse industries and more ... to address strategic challenges and opportunities and complex market, organizational and business dynamics.

Clients and partners have brought TPG's expertise to bear on such areas as:

  • Competitor Research & Benchmarking
  • Negotiation Strategies & Coaching
  • Business Analytics
  • Market Intelligence
  • Legal Team Strategies
  • Dispute Analysis & Strategies
  • Preparing a Company for Sale
  • Acquisition Preparation
  • ...and more