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A leader who can take your company or organization into the future.

The high caliber people you want to hire, when you need them.

The right people, with the right talents, in the right places in your company.

TPG Executive Recruitment & Talent Development, Inc.

Focuses on identifying, recruiting and aligning the candidate(s) who can bring the right results for your specific needs. We come to you as flexible partners, with the expertise, network of resources and connections, and strategies to address what matters most to you.

What matters most to YOU?

Sometimes the right person appears at just the right time. But only sometimes.

TPG has the broad experience across diverse industries and professions that clients and partners can trust to professionally and confidentially identify quality, fitting candidates to fill their positions. We'll work with you to create a profile and identify candidates that fit with your company's needs and goals, challenges and opportunities, culture and values.

And here's the deal. We live this ourselves. We know it's not just about bringing someone through the door; there are both strategy and implementation aspects to consider. What do you really expect, and how do you create a game plan for success both for the newly hired person and for the company? What does success look like in the first 60, 80, 180 days or even more?

Trusted Experts, Flexible ResourcesTM

TPG Executive Recruitment & Talent Development partners with you to identify, recruit, engage and retain top-level talent that fits your enterprise or organization. Clients and business partners engage TPG for a range of needs, including: