Restructuring for Growth

Who: A franchise operation in the business services & specialty printing industry.

Opportunity: As a start-up franchise, this company needed to move to the next level in terms of structure and operations in order to take advantage of a strong existing market.

Outcomes with TPG: TPG helped this company focus on the highest-priority business indicators and decisions, to make the most effective next moves.

Capital Campaign Assessment & Strategy, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership Planning

Who:  The Friends of Indianola (Iowa) Public Library Foundation

Challenge: In anticipation of a revenue bond issue, this organization asked TPG Philanthropy Group to prepare the organization for one or more multi-faceted campaigns (bond issue support, charitable fund-raising, public relations, public and private funding, etc.).

Community Capital Project Development Counsel, Campaign Feasibility Study, and Planning Process

Who: Clinton (Iowa) Riverview Park & Riverfront Development

Challenge: The local Chamber of Commerce initially partnered with the Riverview Park Commission to engage TPG Philanthropy Group to conduct a feasibility study for raising the funds to complete its Riverfront Master Plan. Because such a major community project involved many competing organizations, personalities, and strategies, there was also a need to develop support among community members and funders, and build and facilitate consensus on direction and strategy among the project’s leaders.

Evaulating the Philanthropic and Business Impact of a Corporate Giving Program

Who: A major agriculture-related financial services corporation

Opportunity/Challenge: This company had seen a major expansion, overhaul, and re-focusing of its long-standing charitable giving and community involvement programs. But the company wasn’t clear what impact was occurring, if any, from its philanthropic efforts. TPG Companies, Inc. was asked to help the company determine what core questions needed answering, and then to find the answers.                                                                                       

Annual Campaign Planning & Implementation

Who: Bidwell Riverside Center, a nonprofit agency that provides services and help to hundreds of in-need individuals and families

Challenge: The organization wanted to launch its first-ever Annual Support Campaign. The campaign Chair for the event had no prior experience in leading an annual campaign and was nervous, even intimidated, at the idea of guiding board members, employees and volunteers through the must-succeed process.

Strategic Visioning and Articulation, and Coalition Building

Who: The National Swine Research & Information Center (NSRIC), formed to provide an information center for the pork industry, existed as a cooperative arrangement among multiple public and private entities, including the USDA/Agricultural Research Service, Iowa State University and other land grant universities, the National Pork Board, the National Pork Producers Council, and Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) of USDA.