Who: Des Moines (Iowa) Christian School

Challenge: This private school had exhausted its resources for a major building campaign to fund a new K-12 campus. The project needed facilitation, organization, and direction. The school faced a “use it or lose it” deadline from creditors to raise $1.1 million (out of a goal of $8 million) in just a few months.

Outcomes:TPG Philanthropy Group evaluated the existing campaign and analyzed the organization’s campaign readiness and market potential. TPG worked with the School’s leaders to write and design an updated Case Statement, and developed an energetic, ambitious Campaign Plan that engaged all parties, aligned with the organization’s mission, and generated results. With TPG as a partner, the organization exceeded the goal by more than 60% within the needed timeframe, thereby securing its funding resources and enabling it to begin its construction project on time. TPG also helped the organization form a partnership with several local lenders and achieve a more favorable bonding strategy for the other $7 million needed in financing.


“TPG clearly came upon the scene at just the right point of our history, allowing us to think so much “bigger” about the potential for fundraising by the school. TPG people know how to organize a successful capital campaign and annual fund campaign, and they were effective in positively holding us accountable for the most important priorities with the fundraising plans. The school’s fundraising revenue has increased dramatically since DMCS has contracted with TPG. TPG was certainly a MAJOR reason that we were able to raise more than our $1 million goal – in just 7 months and ahead of the deadline as well!”

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-- Dr. Robert Stouffer, Superintendent