Who: Bidwell Riverside Center, a nonprofit agency that provides services and help to hundreds of in-need individuals and families

Challenge: The organization wanted to launch its first-ever Annual Support Campaign. The campaign Chair for the event had no prior experience in leading an annual campaign and was nervous, even intimidated, at the idea of guiding board members, employees and volunteers through the must-succeed process.

Outcomes with TPG: TPG Philanthropy Group was asked to develop a campaign plan and provide support for the new process. Using TPG’s plan and tools (including timelines, training, team competition, recognition, manuals, charts, advice and ideas), the organization finished the campaign ahead of its goal by 163 percent. Not only did the campaign meet and surpass its financial goals, it helped build morale and camaraderie among the staff, volunteers and donors. What had been a loose support network became an energized and effective annual campaign team.