The Right Seats on the Bus

When people are in the Right Seats on the Bus, they’re effective, engaged, and bring value to your company. We can help you assess your key positions, define what each “right seat” looks like, and devise strategies to fill your whole “bus” with people in the right seats...people who Get it, Want it, and Can do it, whatever their area of responsibility.

Interview Preparation & Coaching

The best candidates come to light when the interview allows them to show you the qualities you want and need to see. Each position is different, and calls for interview tactics and approaches designed to bring out those qualities. We draw from our own broad experience and from dozens of proven models to help you prepare for this critical step in the hiring process.

Employee Coaching & Development

Are you growing and nurturing the talent, skill, and motivation you prize in your key people? TPG can help identify the areas of opportunity and need, strategize professional development priorities, and coach toward enhanced performance and value.

New Employee First Day, First Week, First Month Success Plan

What does your new hire need to Think, Feel, Know, and Do in the first days and weeks in order to start off on the right foot? A new executive or lead team member can begin to create value quickly when on-boarding is well planned – beyond Day 1. We can partner with you to craft orientation plans that help roots to grow and relationships to develop from even before the first moments on-site.

New Hire Success Planning

What will success with this new executive/leader/manager/professional look like after 30 days? 90 or even 180 days? It’s easy to name a “probationary” period, but what performance and results will tell you, early on, if this new relationship is working well? TPG can help develop value-driven success measures so confusion is kept at bay and the path to success is clear.