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TPG Companies is a family of strategy and business consulting companies that Transform, Perform, and Grow businesses, corporations, organizations, teams, individuals, and other entities.  TPG includes TPG Strategy & Management Solutions, Inc.TPG Market Intelligence & Business  Analytics, Inc.TPG Philanthropy Group, Inc.TPG Leader & Leadership Development, Inc.TPG Executive Recruitment & Talent Development, Inc., and other domestic and international ventures.

TPG Founder & President Paul Kirpes

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Paul Kirpes, Founder & President of TPG Companies, is a trusted adviser and has led scores of businesses to achieve record results; with clients on the Inc. 5000, Fortune 1000 and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year lists.

Indeed, Paul and TPG Companies empower businesses, charitable organizations, corporations, and ventures in the private and public sectors to Transform, Perform and Grow. Known for his strategic vision, keen facilitation, operational analysis, market insights, and values-driven leadership, Paul has designed, facilitated, and led hundreds of strategic planning retreats and initiatives. He has orchestrated scores of business turnarounds, growth initiatives, business planning, succession planning, and a whole range of strategic ventures and alliances.

Paul founded and owns TPG Companies, which include:

  • TPG Strategy & Management Solutions, Inc.
  • TPG Market Intelligence & Business Analytics, Inc.
  • TPG Executive Recruitment & Talent Development, Inc.
  • TPG Philanthropy Group, Inc.
  • TPG Leader & Leadership Development, Inc.

…And Paul is an investment partner in other domestic and international ventures.

As advisors and investors, TPG professionals have assisted others in raising and investing more than $2.5 billion dollars through business, social-entrepreneur, and charitable ventures.

TPG History

TPG Companies is a family of business, strategy, and implementation consulting companies that Transform, Perform, and Grow businesses, corporations, organizations, teams, individuals, and other entities. As business consultants to people and organizations that change the world, TPG operates with a spirit of social entrepreneurship and a focus on helping clients achieve what matters most.

Evolution of TPG

TPG Companies founder Paul Kirpes began a consulting practice in 1976 with a motivation to work for positive change and a commitment to do well by doing good. Driven to bring performance-based counsel to not-for-profit and charitable organizations, he established TPG Philanthropy Group, Inc. in 1989. 

In 2005, Kirpes added TPG Management Consulting (now TPG Strategy & Management Solutions, Inc.) - expanding TPG’s services into the corporate sector. In subsequent years, additional businesses and ventures evolved from work TPG had been doing with clients and partners over the years, including  TPG Leader & Leadership Development, Inc., TPG Market Intelligence & Business Analytics, Inc.TPG Executive Recruitment & Talent Development, Inc. , and other developing ventures. 

At TPG Companies, we:

  • Are persistent in finding innovative, collaborative solutions.
  • Are motivated to achieve what matters most to our clients/partners.
  • Look for purposeful engagements.
  • Are inspired by a spirit of social entrepreneurship, seeking opportunities to create systemic and sustainable solutions that foster economic and social impact.
  • Value a balanced work-life environment.
  • Are good stewards of our clients’ resources.
  • Represent TPG, adopting an owner's mindset.
  • Do high quality, highly professional, high-integrity work.

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