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"Raising Money for Mighty Missions" Book Overview:

 Successful fundraising isn’t luck or magic. Successful fundraising is understanding how to achieve goals. In Raising Money for Mighty Missions, Paul Kirpes and William Powell distill more than fifty years of experience and success into a compendium of clear, concise strategies and methods to help novice and expert alike achieve top results. Indeed this book was written specifically for board members, volunteers, and staff leaders.

Clarify strategies, channel efforts and maximize results with this 300+ page gold mine of guidance. Sage fundamentals and coupled with inspirational stories show how successful organizations achieve their desired goals. This book is a catalyst and invaluable resource (complemented by TPG’s online resources) for anyone seeking long-term goals and growth through fundraising.

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Co-Authored By: 

Paul J. Kirpes, CFRE(President, TPG Companies)
William H. Powell, CFRE (Senior Consultant, TPG Companies)

Publication Date: 2011

Available in Softcover, Hardcover, and Electronic (339 pages). For an electronic copy please send email to

Raising Money for Mighty Missions breaks successful fundraising into eight simple, easy-to-understand — and not often followed — steps. It provides advice on structured bragging, emergent case for support, biblical stewardship principles, friend-raisers, turboencabulators, grateful graduates, inside-out/top-down, inter-generation equity, investing wealth, organizational awareness potential, prospecting parties, stretch gifts, thanking every donor seven times, and vivid visions.

Raising Money for Mighty Missions is packed with practical tools, tips and techniques for fundraising success, and points out failure-guaranteed methods to avoid. The book gives a reasoned response to leaders' plaintive pleas of "I don't want to be a fundraiser"  and proven strategies to jumpstart fundraising efforts for boards, staff and volunteers. Professionals will find Raising Money for Mighty Missions a handy reference and the spark that sets them apart.

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