Who: A leading investment and multifamily housing corporation in the Midwest.

Opportunity: This company engaged TPG to help facilitate and guide its growth.

Outcomes with TPG: In its first year of work with TPG Companies, this family-owned corporation became cash-flow positive and grew 30% in both size and revenue. Leaders and managers are operating in greater alignment than ever before, and TPG continues to help the company move toward its goal of dominating and transforming the market in its region.


"Paul is a great business mind and a phenomenal communicator, and it is rare to encounter an individual with the deep knowledge and experience that Paul exhibits who also has a listen first and talk later mentality. Paul is always well-prepared and brings a contagious passion and optimism to our meetings. Paul is a great asset for a company looking for high-level guidance, and we are grateful to have him on our team."

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