Who: Clinton (Iowa) Riverview Park & Riverfront Development

Challenge: The local Chamber of Commerce initially partnered with the Riverview Park Commission to engage TPG Philanthropy Group to conduct a feasibility study for raising the funds to complete its Riverfront Master Plan. Because such a major community project involved many competing organizations, personalities, and strategies, there was also a need to develop support among community members and funders, and build and facilitate consensus on direction and strategy among the project’s leaders.

Outcomes: TPG conducted a broad-based and inclusive Capital Campaign Feasibility Study for the group, and coordinated the crafting of a strong and engaging Case for Support. TPG subsequently provided additional counsel and leadership for the group, including funder research and fundraising strategy, support development and consensus building, and leadership recruitment and team building. The initial $7 million public initiative park development vision expanded to be a $50 million public and private multi-entity community, park, and economic development project, and the project was successful in receiving more than $3 million in Vision Iowa funding. The project was credited as a breakthrough for Clinton, engaging community leaders for common cause unlike any other activity for 15 years prior.


I want to go on record that I learned a great deal, having thought I knew it all. I can attest first hand as to Mr. Kirpes’s ability. In one contact, he produced an amazing support for our project from a group I felt sure would oppose what we were trying to accomplish.”

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- Myron Weil, Chair, Finance Committee